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Eggs and bodybuilding the “Golden Couple”

Eggs and bodybuilding the “Golden Couple”I wrote about Old School protein usage in the blog-post on “GOMAD”. Another superfood very suited as bodybuilding food are EGGS!! Later in this blog-post I’ll explain how these Old School trainers used eggs to gain a lot of extra lean mass and to overcome a plateau. This not only for the ‘natural” bodybuilders, but also true for the juiced one.

Vince Gironda

When we post on eggs we NEED to mention Vice Gironda. Vince Gironda nicked the “Iron Guru” was definitely decades ahead of his time, first as a bodybuilder he never placed higher than second or third in a contest, simply because he was "too ripped." Later as a gym-owner and nutritionist. Vince had some very unique methods with training and nutrition.

In certain circumstances Vince Gironda recommend up to 3 dozen fertile hen-eggs a day, along with raw (unhomogenized, unpasteurized) milk. Large amounts of fertile eggs, he said, is equal to the anabolic steroid Dianabol in effectiveness. He was unable to provide supporting scientific evidence for his theories, only anecdotal, but scientific studies today explain us why. Later in this post more on that.

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