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What is Customer Questions & Answers?

Customer "Questions & Answers" allow you to connect with other fellow NapsGear customers to ask and answer questions about products, how products are best used, service, etc.! You can ask questions or use your own expertise to answer other customer questions.

Each answer to a question qualifies for store credit! All answers are posted, pending an administrative review. Submission attempts are now unlimited!

With a registered NapsGear account*, you can vote on comments to help others find the best available answer. Voting* is done by clicking the up and down arrow. Every 3 days the system will tally the votes. The top 6 highest-rated answers will receive a $2 store credit, deposited directly into their Rewards Credit Wallet (found under My Account).

* Users caught creating new accounts to abuse this voting system will be permanently prohibited from posting answers. * Self-voting is not permitted

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