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By: 2nvs4u Date added: Jun 03, 2020
I was wanting to know if anyone has tried Avogen lab products. I have tried dragon pharma test cyp 250 and test E 250 and I loved It. What's the comparison and also which test is best for high libido
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Chiming in for the libido part... there`s a lot of variables to that feeling. But when it comes to AAS, Testosterone is Testosterone, the ester only delays the breakdown which controls levels and stability over time.  If you haven`t felt like your libido has increased with what you did before, it`s really just your genetics and dosage. I have a sweet spot for libido that`s too high for TRT and too low for cycling. Roll the dice and snake eyes... good luck man. 
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I have used both and they both seemed to be dosed correctly.  I could not tell any difference between the two brands.
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Anyone have experience with avogen?  Is it good gear
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Avogen labs is g2g so as far as ur libido any testosterone will make u get good libido and I would get some Proviron cause that would increase ur libido significantly 
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