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By: Lou Sainus Date added: 4 days ago
Hello naps bros, listen i know i need to practice the patience of Job when it comes to the shipping part of my getting swoll journey with naps and you bros aiding in my education and readiness for all that it brings. However, im finally on the right track on running my first real cycle and awaiting my order and for the last 5 days its continues to update stating that my package was picked up by naps partners and usps is awaiting the package and that this is not a notification of receipt or something along those lines. It also showes it was shipped from USPS domestically. So what does this mean? Any info would be appreciated. I will sit bk and anxiously await my gear bcuz i have no choice but understanding this would do wonders for my nerves and anxiety. Thanks ahead of time.
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Brother Lou, take a deep breath and imagine yourself fit AF and girls staring at you. YOur order will come in time and this will happen! So when you order overseas you get that notification once it is on its way to US. Once it gets here it will update and shortly after it will be in your box! Trust the process it works! It may be a few weeks in this status before anything happens. I used to impatiently look at my status ED like you but now I don't even look after placing orders and within a few weeks I have the great surprise when I go to my box! Honestly most orders have been delivering in 3 weeks which is amazing. Peace out and apprecitae a thumbs up
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It will be there a lot sooner than you think  domestic orders are a hell of a lot faster because they don't have to go through customs.  Either way naps will reimburse you or reship if something unforseen happens.  Have faith brother, you're dealing with the best in the business for sure
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Never had a problem. I know it can be nerve racking but it always comes through. If it is domestic (which is my prefered) it comes way faster and won't get caught up in customs. Try to relax and just keep waiting it'll be there and you will be juicy in no time! Good luck! 
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No need to panic, naps always comes through just takes a little longer the most places brother!
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