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By: MartinS. Date added: 4 days ago
Hi. Anyone know what Testosterone Acetate 75 does? Do I inject it w/Cypionate or Enthate? Or take it alone? Does it help w/sex drive? I usually inject twice a week. Thanks for your feedback. M.
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Enanthate, Acetate, Cypionate are all different types of Esters. Each ester type is absorbed into your bloodstream at different speeds and will stay in your system at different rates. Acetate is absorbed within hours but it also leaves your system (half life) much faster so you will have to administer daily or EOD. Test, any ester, will give you a higher sex drive. Are you doing a Test only cylce? I like Enanthate. There are also test mixes such as Sustanon.
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Thanks for the reply!
I am doing Enanthate 1000mg - 1 ML twice a week now for few weeks…. Love the results:)
I just got the Testosterone Acetate 75 today.
Do I mix them and inject twice a week?
How much should I inject.
Thanks so much
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Its all testosterone, but eventually they all level off in your blood, its just acetate gets in and out your system faster, it hits you quicker that's all. Good luck! You can inject it with cypionate, cypionate trickles in slower and lasts longer while it builds up and then gets stable. Give a thumbs up!
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You can take the acetate alone and it's best to inject every other day brother !
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