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By: AaronSwift Date added: 2 weeks ago
So first time user never ran a cycle before. 6'1 200 lbs Been working out constantly for a year finally got diet down right. Been considering running a anavar cycle but I'm honestly completely clueless on what I need to start or how to to about it lot of info out there just wanna make sure I do every correctly an get the best results possible. Not really trying to blow up just wanting to get that extra edge for my workouts. What would be recommend I've seen people say for first cycle I shouldn't do anavar or I should stack it with test. So just trying to get info from people that have did it so I can make sure I go about it the best way possible. Thanks guys
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Running var on its own does verry little to nothing. I would say 350 Test E or Test P. Grab some AI for sure. 15 weeks then clomid and you be good for awhile. Dont stack anything just do test as first cycle.
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All you need is test my dude 400-500 mg of test enanthate or cypionate split into 2 injections per week run for 12 weeks grab some armidex for estrogen nolva for gyno/pct and clomid for pct it's best to do test only first 2 cycles so you can get a grip on how your body handles it and how much of that extra test you will convert to estrogen test is the base to every cycle you will ever do so you need to know how you tolerate it if you have any questions on dosing ancillary products open a new thread and we can help you out NEVER  start your cycle without having all these things I listed in you possession good luck don't forget to smash that thumbs up
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I would just run test for first cycle. 
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