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By: Johnny31125 Date added: 2 weeks ago
Can i run NPP. 2x week ? Anyone else do it with test c Like what I read abt npp dnt want to pin more than 2x week
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If you want to inject twice a week, you will need to run deca.  NPP requires daily or every other day injections.  You need a long ester if you want to only inject 1-2 times a week.
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Well you can but your hormones will fluctuate more than desired.  Every two days works well for NPP and you can mix in your cyp in the same syringe. Good luck....stay swole!
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All these answers and great help. But, personally I always take my target weekly dose and divide by 7 and pin at the same time every day. After a lot of research I've found that most experts agree that stabilizing serum sevels in order to keep them as level as possible is key. This helps you gain more muscle growth and development since you are always at about the same level of anabolic steroid in your system. I've noticed that it's also easier on my hormonal physiology and emotional health since the surges are lower and the dips are shallower. If you want to run NPP I'd definitely commit to daily injection.
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You should inject every other day bare minimum on npp
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You can inject npp more than twice per week it is encouraged to do more than that 
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