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By: CharlesBiggs Date added: 2 weeks ago
Going on holiday in 10 weeks, never done a course before and wanted to start one that will give me bigger size to feel comfortable, I'm 6ft 150lbs, so look pretty skinny, is there something that can make me big in 10 weeks?
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Have you tried food and weights?
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Eat huge amount of food bulk diet and if you want to do a cycle since it is yours first time add 400-500mg test per week for 10 weeks. At week 12 start pct
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Chicken, fish, beef, rice, high calorie shake with heavy cream, lecithin granules, eggs, protein powder if you need it and Barbell Standard 45's. Do that for a few years then use gear to break through the next level .
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Dude you should be able to put on 50 lbs naturally with your height shut up eat and train. When you get to 200lbs then do a cycle. 
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