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By: Luke Date added: Jun 03, 2020
I purchased my first cycle and pct products (Test cyp 500mg/wk for 12 wks)I have 5000iu`s HCG, Nolvadex and Arimidex. Recently I learned that hcg and nolva dont work together for PCT and what can I do to have a solid plan coming out of my first cycle?
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Hey, that looks like a great first cycle. Keep it simple! As for pct, nolvadex and arimadex work along the same axis and counteract each other`s properties to block the binding of estrogen, see web md Med interactions to verify. As for hcg they work very differently and should and could be taken together. Hcg works to reverse hypogonadism and will stimulate test production but not your leydig cells. So it`ll bring your test levels up while nolvadex, (or preferably clomid) stimulate cells production.
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Awesome thats good to hear, I have the arimidex on hand in case of some estrogen sides coming up, but for pct I was think 2500ius for 2 weeks of HCG and then 40mg/day nolva week 1 and 2 then down to 20mg/day week 3 and 4. Thats the PCT plan I was thinking of going with just wanted to double check that it was solid
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John Smith is right. I use nolva and HCG for pct. They are synergistic too. Some people get more sides on Clomid than HCG, but they are both serms that get your natural production back ,and as long as your on one or both your good to go!
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HCG wakes up body`s test production while Nolva forces the body to send the signal for test production. You wake up your testicles with HCG because it mimic LH(the hormone that makes testicles produce test) then let Nolva(or clomid) force the brain to start sending the LH to testicles instead of you doing it in form of HCG. People always take them together not knowing this but its not a big deal because Nolva is usually taken for 4 weeks which is longer than HCG duration. It gets more complicated with long and short esters of different steroids but as you do more cycles you learn your body better and will understand what PCT plan works best for you. You pct plan that you described in your reply to john is solid. Since you are doing Test only, blast HCG at the end then take Nolva.
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You are correct.  It`s best to run HGC while on or at the end before starting PCT. So a standard protocol "end of cycle" protocol would (could) look like: Start HCG 2 days before your last injection at 750/750/750/750/500/500/500/500 EOD (5000 IUs total); then start your PCT protocol approx 14 days after last injection. Good luck....stay swole!
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