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By: AllenDuff Date added: Feb 23, 2021
I have been using gear for decades. I would like to know someones go to cycle for now until end of year. I usually go test cyp, deca,tren in rotation throughout tthe year never coming completely off. Any recommendations of orals I could add or a specific way others cycle these 3 compounds. Thanks in advance.
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I run the same compounds annually. When I run the DECA and test I`ll throw in EQ and dbol and winstrol. When I run the test and tren I throw in masteron, anadrol and winstrol. Hope that helps. Don`t forget to vote. Thanks for the question.
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If I did drugs all year they would derive very little pleasure ass opposed to the beginning of the year. Yet if I took a short break (cruise), then my drugs would tear my ass up with a very small dose. Same with steroids. I love blasting too. But I also love being hypersensitive to the compounds going into me. Sorry I didn`t answer your question. But if you gave your Ass receptors a break then you`d get way more out of your blast. Even professional bodybuilders do a cruise here and there. You only have so many cycles that your organs can handle. Make them count bro.
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Im sorry. I figured it was obvious that i blast and cruise by my question. Of course it is ABSOLUTELY necessary for receptors to even recieve stimulation. Ive been on cruise now 5 weeks. Looking for experienced compound advice.
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You can add anavar at the tail end to cut and tighten up before summer for the last eight weeks while keeping a strict diet in check. If you`re wanting to really harden up and you have 10% or less body fat, masteron will polish up and harden your physique real good.
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Brother Allen, this is straight talk bro to bro so let`s bounce some ideas! there`s reason why gear are cycle. off and on. If you can gear up year round someone has already done it and we would be throwing out protocols in this forum but we are not. What you are saying is way out there, experimentally. But i do see one logically strategy you have is rotating the gear. That can help and reset your receptors. At least it changes the receptors being desentized. But my definition hormones might act on different transcription factors but as a whole it lead to the same loop of system. like certain hormones increase muscle building or blood production but as a whole your heart blood vessel liver kidney are working overtime which if you switch gear the organs are being affected negatively! You can cycle a gear but like a car it will break down eventually. I can tell you this, your one long cycle will not give you the best gain out of the combination of the smaller cycles over time. Smaller cycles also are less harm to you compare long cycle. As for oral, stick to the tried and true, dbol tbol a bomb but it`s hard to recommend you one since it`s a long cycle. normally test, nandrolone, dbol fir quick bulk. or you do test/eq and tbol on the dry bulk. both 16 weeks. just keep it simple and short and you reap more reward. In short, my minimum cycle is 16 weeks, my last cycle was 22 weeks. My longest was 26 weeks, that over 6 months. If there`s a way i can stay on and keep my gain and my health i would do it and find it with you brother but there`s isn`t. not healthy ones! I tell you one thing, 26 weeks wasn`t great toward the end. My gain plateau. But my recovery was shit!! and i lost more gain compare to the short ones. I hope that makes sense brother! And good luck to you!! 
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You can ad anadrol to kick start your cycle and anavar or winny at the end. Good luck!
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