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By: SNN Date added: 4 days ago
Today I'm starting my PCT and weighed myself and have lost about 5 pounds since my last shot. I already feel that my gym gains are staying at the same level, or have been decreasing very minimally - my question is tho, how much weight do you usually lose after your last shot? I get it that most of the weight you get during the cycle is water, but potentially how much approx.?I'm still holding myself in a calorie surplus.
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You need to let us know what you're running and dosage
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I ran 500mg test e, 12 weeks.
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Really depends on what you gained, how much BF you were and are? 12 weeks at 500mg / week, if you were say 12-15% body fat, did a full pct then 6-7 pounds is possible, but this is why your training and diet have to be even better when off to maintain as much as possible. Stay Safe and Strong :)
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You usually get 3-5 kilos of muscles after a cycle with good training and nutrition
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Let's say you put on 10 lb of weight four of it's going to be water the other six will be muscle and you might keep three pounds brother!
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