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By: jayymann Date added: 2 months ago
Done about 4 cycles of test only and test winstrol. Gonna get some tren ace for my next cycle. How should I run it with test e. Thinking about 400 test e a week with 75 tren ace eod. Maybe 8 weeks or so. Currently running trt. Gonna bump test up to 400 while on tren. What do you all think?
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I'd run the ace just at 200mg per week will do fine. 
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So 50 eod should be good?
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So with running tren ace I'd pin EOD with both, .5ml of test enanthate 400 and 1ml of tren ace 75. that way your levels will be more stable and you should get some great results in 8 weeks if your diet and training are on point. Stay Safe and Strong :)
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Inject the tren every day. Use 500 mg of testosterone per week with 35 mg tren ed
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Sounds solid! go for it brother!
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