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By: Nappy_T Date added: 3 years ago
What tests should i get done as far as blood work. I take injectables and orals. Do you recommend anywhere to get the test done.
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You want to look at estrogen, complete metabolic panel, lipids, and thyroid. And if you are off cycle you want to look at folicile stimulating hormone, lutenizing hormone, and test and free test. Good call on being a responsible gear head and asking good questions. If you want more info bump this post and I'll help you out.
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Any local lab that does bloodwork should suffice. Make sure you check your lipid profile, along with your liver enzymes and serum creatinine levels (which is a measure of kidney function). However, things like lifting heavy and taking creatine monohydrate everyday can impact your creatinine levels as I found out myself recently when I had my bloodwrok done.
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You will want to get a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel test. This will show How your kidneys and liver are working, Your blood sugar (glucose)Your electrolyte levelsHow much protein is in your bloodThese are the most important things to check as a steroid user regarding overall health. You can also get a free total testosterone test to see how much testosterone your body is now producing off cycle. You can get blood work done at clinics or even your direct care provider. I suggest being open and honest with your doctor because if he sees signs of enzymes rising to dangerous levels you can get them fixed as soon as possible.
User profile Expert is the "go to" site in the bodybuilding world for quality tests at a good price. Which tests to run is kind of a complex question that would take into account your age, history of anabolic use, other health factors (high cholesterol, family history, etc), and finally how much you want to spend. A complete list might look like the following: Total TEST,Free TEST,E2,Lipids,CMP,LH,CBC,FSH,DHEA-S,SHBG
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In my opinion the more data the better but theres no need to break the bank so do whats appropriate for you. Youll certainly want a pre-cycle "complete metabolic panel" (SJ outlined the list) so you know your baseline and what youre aiming for post cycle, depending on your age you might also find out youre already hypogonadal in which case you can skip PCT and go right onto a HRT dose since youre already low and no PCT can change that. Mid cycle bloods depend on your budget but at a minimum youll want to check your estrogen levels, more info is great but you need to monitor that estrogen. Post cycle youll want to get another complete panel because youre trying to get back to pre-cycle levels and see if you need further PCT (its rare but does happen). This is definitely not an endorsement but life extension has good prices, there are many labs that do independent tests so check around, also there are some places/states in which it is not legal to purchase private tests so check availability.
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Blood tests are an abolute must. It is the most useful tool for assessing the negative health impact of steroid use. At a minimum, blood testing should be conducted before a cycle is initiated, 3 to 4 weeks into a cycle, and a couple of months after a cycle. This allows for 1) a baseline for later comparison; 2) a snapshot of the on-cycle health impact; and 3) an opportunity to assess if natural homeostasis has been restored post-cycle. Google your local bloodwork labs, they will be your cheapest option. Go there, and get the following blood tests done: full blood count, testosterone total, estradiol, lipids-full panel (VERY IMPORTANT!), liver function (since you are using orals), I would also do thyroid and fasting glucose, as well as LH/FSH after the cycle is over.
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The tests that you really need are a comprehensive metabolic panel, a total cholesterol and lipid panel, and a men's health panel (which usually covers testosterone and estrogen and prostate health). And as far as a company that's cheap and easy to get the tests done without seeing a doctor, I live in New Jersey and Quest Diagnostics has a website where you can sign up online for whatever panel you want to test, show up to the lab, get your blood drawn, then pay for them, and you get all of your info on an app a couple days later that you can then analyze compared to normal values. It's also fairly cheap – a comprehensive metabolic panel and Testosterone/estrogen check will only cost you around $100.
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