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By: Bill Wilson Date added: 3 years ago
@Lav3ga. Do you have a website or offer coaching of any sort (nutrition, training and gear)? You have answered a lot of my questions in the q and a page and it's obvious you know your shit. Can you help me out?I realise I should not do this here but I don't know any other way.
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@Lav3ga noes his shit. Follow you also a lot bro and have helped me out a lot. .. Keep it up and Thank you!!!
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He certainly knows his stuff, but keep in kind that virtually all information, nutrition and workout programs, cycle schedules etc are ALL readily available on Internet forums. Well worth the time to educate yourself!
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Lav3ga is an excellent source of info and his advice carries a lot of weight, definitely a valued contributor so you cant go wrong with him as your coach.
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I commend you asking for help. There is a lot of info out there now opposed to when I started and with the extensive pct options and some of the fake stuff you read out there now it isn't a bad idea to have someone on standby to bounce questions off of to get the most out your cycle. Especially if they have learned through trial and error. Every pro bodybuilder out there today has or at least started with a "coach/trainer" to help guide them. Behind every great student is an even better teacher!
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Yes Lav3ga definitely knows what he is talking about and it would be in your best interest to take his advice in terms of gear use, nutrition, or training.
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