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By: Michael Magdaleno Date added: 3 years ago
Im new to this site & using beginners bulk. Test 250 twice a week with 4 weeks Dbol to kick it off. I can't make a decision on a workout routine should I do Jason Blaha Ice Cream Fitness 5x5 or arnold blue print for mass? Looking to gain size but want to look great. My diet is in check l. I am 5'7" 170 lbs, idk bodyfat, but I am in good shape. What workout should I do?
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The type of training you do should rely on what you've done in the past, how long you've worked out for, and what has worked. NO, Jason Blaha is quite laughable and pretends to know principals of training. Stay away from that crap. Seeing as you're trying to mass, look up DC training by Dante Trudel. Look at both the diet and training associated with it. You can seriously change your body quickly by incorporating those principals while running gear. But to make the most effective progress, adding bodyfat cannot be a fear of yours. Down the line if you want to look into more high volume, look into routines by Scott Stevenson and John Meadows.
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Jason Blahhahaha?? Um okay. Since it's a bulk cycle do compound movements, heavy weight. For max growth you gotta stress the muscle and perform mass building exercises. if you're already into to the gear you should know what works and what doesnt as far as splits and training. if you dont recommend calibrating your workouts before juicing.
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Jason Blaha is a joke. Jane Fonda workouts may be a safer bet! Lol. But in all seriousness, I would try the big five that Marc Lobliner has, or Arnold's workout could probably be decent. The best routine is one that you like and can adhere to. Stay consistent and if you want to look better than the best, you have to train harder than the best.
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Wendler 5/3/1 or a push pull program are great.
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Lift until your body can't take it then keep pushing, so what rich piana would do (RIP) do 20-30 reps each set and concentrate each rep that way you will grow
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Look in to Serge Nubret. He advocated low weight/high rep super sets with minimal timed rest intervals. The guy was physically big for his time and looked like he was carved from a piece of solid obsidian.
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