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By: Creamsoda Date added: 6 months ago
What are the key vitamins I should be getting as a healthy 27 year old male starting his first cycle? I'm guessing glutamine, b vitamins, D3, omegas 3 fish oils, coQ10 and what else? 
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My health supplements really don't change when on or off cycle.  Ill specify what I change.  I use all of the following: greens+multi powder, curcumin, D3, K2, CoQ10, NAC, carditone, astragalus, omega 3, tudca(only during and a month post cycle), baby aspirin.  You can find some supplements that contain multiple of those, just have to do some searching.  But that covers everything I use and my blood tests consistently come back within range very quick following a cycle.
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You shoukd get enough vitamins (coenzymes and cofactors) in yiur healthy diet but it doesn't hurt to take a multivitamins from costco. I even add B Complex since it has lots of benefits like promote healthy cell and metabolism, fht against infections, brain function, etc. It's water soluble so if you don't use it you'll per it out! hence brht yellow urine. Any other is extra. good luck brother! 
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I've been shooting up on vitamin b to help me out.
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