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By: GetseriousGym Date added: 6 months ago
If I'm going to be taking 4cc a week of test cyp. What should I take to protect my liver and is there anything else to take so I don't get to much estrogen? Should I not worry about the estrogen just yet? I'm not to familiar with the terminology you guys use but I'm learning lol. I do have a fatty liver too but I have had that since I was young. So the test didn't cause it. Now I want to protect myself if possible while using my gear..thanks..
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Arimidex or exemestane are anti estrogen pills you are looking for. You are taking 4cc/week but How many mg per cc? If it's 250 test than that would be 1000mg/week? You would definitely need an AI in that case.
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Yes 250... so is arimidex the same as milk thistle? When do you take milk thistle?
Is arimidex for your liver?
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Arimidex is for estrogen control. It is used only if needed otherwise it's unhealthy to lower estrogen unnecessarily and it impedes muscle growth because all steroids actually work with estrogen to build muscle. I suggest you buy nolvadex in case you develop breast tissue because it is a non systemic estrogen blocker that only blocks estrogen at your breast tissue estrogen receptor sites and is not as harsh. However it's also to be used if needed. Along with nolvadex which is good to have on hand if needed for your liver purchase a few bottles of liv52, naps sells it at affordable cost and in a couple weeks after it arrives you can add it to your regimen if desired. If using an oral them liv52 is required. Vote me up and good luck!!!
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JamesEar thx for the help.
Hey what's better for my liver Liv52 or milk thistle? Are they even both the same type of drug? It's because I got milk thistle for free. If liv52 is better than I can buy that but just checking first on which is best for my liver? Thx
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Testosterone is not liver toxic, there is no need for liver support supplements for it. Liver toxicity is a concern with 17 alpha alkylated steroids (ie orals) and certain ancillaries, not injectables (what's why we use injectables, because you can safely use them in hher doses and for longer periods of time with less consequences for your health).Testosterone, and any other AAS, can still cause other liver related issues like increased LDL, decreased HDL, fatty liver disease etc (which are only made worse by using aromatase inhibitors because estrogens have a protective effect), but supplements like liv52 and milk thristle do nothing for this. The common treatment for this condition is statins, but those have side effects and a negative impact on your health themselves so I would not recommend taking them unless you absolutely need them.
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If I have a fatty liver and a enlarged liver the dr told me is there anything I can take or do? I have had a fatty liver since I was 18 I guess it's just my genes? Thx for the info..
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