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By: TKel9 Date added: 3 years ago
So i just did my first pin last night, everything went well. Now im wondering what type of diet should i keep. im trying to pack on as much muscle as possible but also lower my BMI. Im about 15% BMI as of now i weigh 190lbs im 6 foot even. my current diet is i intermittent fast from 8pm to 11am and im on a low to no carb diet and zero sugars. what would one recommend for one to put on some muscle but keep bmi low. or should i say fuck it and pack on the mass and worry about my BMI later on after my first cycle. This is my first cycle im running only Test Cyp 250. . im doing 1 pin every 4 days so im doing 500 a week. planing to go for 12 weeks im taking . 5 arimidex every 3 days and i have Nolva for my PCT.
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For me I'd put on that mass first. My very first cycle was 500mg test 16 weeks, 50mg anadrol for the first 4 weeks. Well it wasn't my first, it was my first after about 10 years off. But I kept my calories near 4000, 400 carbs, 220 protein, 110 clean fat give or take on that shit. But I put on 30lbs in that cycle and only lost fat n water weight after which was maybe 6lbs. Loved it. Trained heavy as hell though. Good luck.
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If you want to gain muscle you're going to have to eat carbs. Don't worry with the fasting. Figure out your total caloric needs and spread it over 5 meals roughly 3 hours apart. Eat at least 1. 25 grams of protein per lb of body weight and try to eat more fat than carbs. You can time your carbs for before/after your workouts, basically have them when you need them. Go lower carb on non training days.
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Please eat more protein, at least 190 grams a day for you. Work in some shakes and bars to help you hit these protein goals. Then eat alot of steak, chicken, fish. Stay away from processed lunch meat, hot dogs, sausages, diet sodas. If you can afford organic food then buy it from whole foods. Amazon delivers it now. Eat complex carbs and you will be ok, dont be afraid of brown rice. Stay away from Soy, throw away anything that has soy in it. A mans body turns that into estrogen. Do not eat soy anything. You will put on clean mass if you follow this. Good luck brother
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Protein protein protein. If your hungry eat chicken breast and keep sodium as low as possible. It doesn't have to be rocket science. Just eat as much protein as your digestive system can handle and consume water only to flush out your kidneys.
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BMI is a number that is used to evaluate your body size. It is not a percentage of body fat, but rather a general score that helps determine if your weight falls into a healthy range. . .. If you are carrying too much weight for your height, the excess weight is assumed to be fat. This isn't always the case, the more muscle you have the higher the BMI even if you have a low bf%. BMI can be flawed in the direction of overdiagnosing obesity when someone carries a lot of muscle and little fat. For example bodybuilders and athletes in sports where body weight is an advantage may have a BMI putting them into the overweight/obese category, when in reality they're perfectly healthy. BMI is a flawed number and shouldn't be worried about get bloodwork done make sure your body ya healthy and functioning and check your bf% the more muscle you put on the easier it will be to burn body fat because that muscle is using extra calories. Your diet should be consistent of high protein, low sugars and high glycemic carbs only before or after your workout. Such as white rice, red potatoes or sweet potatoes. Stay away from Breads and have lots of healthy fats in your diet
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Yeah eat a lot and eat clean. Get your protein in during the day and drink tons of water. .. .
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