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By: SSajadieh Date added: 6 months ago
How much cheese can I put on my fish or beef? I'm not on keto but regular low carb for 5 days and 2 days hh carb(pre-load), and eating chicken, fish, turkey, beef by itself and just veggies, with no sause or carbs, is getting harder and harder for me. Recently I realized putting some cheese on that, will make it easier to swallow, but how much cheese?
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You can use sugar free seasonings to give your food more flavor.  As long as sugar isn't in the ingredients, then it's not adding calories that hurt you.  The amount of cheese you can add would depend on your macros and fat intake for that meal.  You can also play around with sugar free ketchup and sugar free honey mustard.  They are very low calorie and will make your food much more enjoyable.  No reason to have a diet with bland food with everything thats available now a days that doesn't have sugar.
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Cheese has no sugar either, but I don't get why it's a NO NO! But do you think Orlistat could help with that?
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I love cheese but it's one of the hher fat foods I try to avoid but lately I have been using cheese made with skim milk it tastes pretty good and is fat free I'm a pizza man literally that's my job and I love pizza but when I do eat it I use fat free mozzarella and it tastes pretty good hope this helps dont forget to hit that thumbs up and thanks for the question!
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If your on a diet then as long as you meet your macros for the day cheese is fine. If your worried just count the calories and carbs. Or after a work out
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