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By: Newuserdave Date added: 4 months ago
Hey I just started my first cycle ever just 400 test e per week but I wanna do this right and shred some bf as well can some one show me a website link to a week or month food plan? Like that breaks down each meal and shows me what I need to get? Or does any one have good recommendations? I'd assume fish and blah but let me know I'm open to any suggestions. I prefer to cook a week or servers days worth at a time also. And what veggies and fruits are good to eat? I put banana in protein shake but I see on here someone said they are not good for you
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I have a great tip for you. Buy Greg Doucette's cook book. It has recipes with all the calories and macros listed for you. The book makes it very easy to track exactly what you are eating. It's a good tool for someone who's new to meal planning.
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Almost any fruit or vegetable is going to be calorically dilute enough to aid in your fat loss goals as it pertains to being in a calorie deficit. Choose more calorie dilute and Whole Foods in general. Lentils, legumes, beans, corn, peas, tofu, soy, tempeh. Oatmeal, protein shakes and smoothies, protein ice cream and bars. Some processed foods are okay, there's levels to processing as you know. Avoid very fatty foods with little protein to warrant eating it. Avoid cooking with oils or buying heavily processed foods with oil in them.  Vegetable oil accounts for the most calorie dense "food" you can ever eat. It's also poor for insulin sensitivity and cholesterol levels, especially saturated and trans fats. Nothing wrong with putting a banana in your protein smoothie. Stay away from juices or sodas, stick to diet or 0 calorie flavored carbonated beverages. I use to think diet beverages were the devil but I couldn't have been more wrong in my thinking. Yote gave you good advice too, maybe right now you can just check out "Greg Doucettes" YouTube channel for now and watch or listen to some of his weight loss advice for free. I've been watching him a while, I like the educational content. So many people are ill informed, Greg is one of the few who actually comprehensively gets it. I hope that helps, don't forget to vote!
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Hey Dave, I'm a fan of two guys. Jay, the guy who runs A Workout Routine (dot) com, gives no-bullshit advice that has really helped me. To sum up his article on "weight loss foods" really quickly, it's essentially about maintaining a caloric deficit while maximizing protein and fiber intake. I also like the 6-Pack Promise app by Jeff Cavaliere which happens to have a meal section. Based on a few parameters it can give you a bunch of meal ideas that you can rotate through and shuffle to keep it a little more interesting. I just tapped through a few meals and they include greek yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, egg whites, lot of chicken, tuna, pork, broccoli with a little mixed greens salad, rice or sweet potatoes. Tracking your food intake in a food diary or an app will help you follow your maintenance calorie needs as they change over time. In addition, I'd highly recommend using a food scale instead of eyeballing what you are eating/tracking. Good luck, keep up the hard work!
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A free calorie calculator is really accurate based on your individual criteria. Fat loss calories are given. I keep it simple, if my goal is 200g protein, then within the calories I can now have carbs and fats like extra virgin olive oil, healthy carbs like potatoes, fruits, raw unfiltered honey, vegetables will keep you healthy as well. This way it's inbuilt as to limiting carbs because the protein takes up a big chunk of calories regardless. This way if you increased your protein to 300g just keep the rest of carb and fat calories within the allowed caloric limit regardless that's all. it's easy, flexible and works and you only count calories. Good luck and give me a thumbs up!
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If u wanna burn fat brother, go keto, I thought it was bullshit till I did it,lived of tritip and avocados... lol I had other things but u get my point.... no carbs 
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