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By: James Kennedy Date added: 3 years ago
Hey everyone, about to start a cycle of test enanth 250 and oxandrolone (anavar), and I was just wondering if anybody knew if there was a right/wrong way to inject them both at the same time. For example, would it be okay to withdraw the appropriate amount of test in one syringe, and then with that SAME syringe (and needle), can I withdraw the appropriate amount of oxan as well? The oxan I purchased is the injectable one btw, says "oil based" and is supposed to be done everyday; As for the test, I'm splitting it into two shots per week (500 mg total). Just wanted to know if it was "ok" to use the same needle/syringe to extract the compound and then inject the mixture simultaneously. I read somewhere on here that it may be a good idea to dilute the oxan in something like test to help with the pain since its an oily substance. Attempting to minimize the pain is not my reason for asking btw, just simply wanted to know if I could kill two birds with one stone or if i have to inject each separately. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. . Thanks in advance!
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This certainly can be done, however, depending on the quality of your needle you run the risk of making it dull, which can make the injection more painful than it has to be. Your injectable anavar is really meant to be used as a pre workout shot. It would be better to draw them both with one needle, switch out the needle, and then inject.
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Like mentioned above here is what I do. I have a box on 100 31 gauge x 1 1/2". I use the one tip to draw back from both bottles then screw on a new tip from an entirely new syringe and put the one I use to draw on the other. You can always draw back from the two, run the capped syringe under hot water for 90 seconds, inject slowly then after finishing make a fist and with your knuckles massage the area in a circular motion. It helps relieve the 3for me.
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Yeah I agree with the above, if you have the ability to draw with a needle and the switch to a new one your PIP wont be bad.
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You can draw from two vials into one syringe. Thats standard practice actually, as long as you keep everything sanitized.
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You will get use it and you will get better at it with each injection. I pin everyday and they are all almost painless. Make sure you are using 1. 5" needle and going deep enough into the muscle so you don't have some spill out into subq tissue and irritate the surrounding area
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As others have indicated, don't overcomplicate, just draw both compounds into one syringe, then inject. Just make sure to switch to a fresh needle before injecting into your body.
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