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By: SwollPatrol Date added: 4 days ago
Does anyone have any experience running 10iu a day of the gray tops HGH?
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The highest I got was 6iu with grey tops during a cut cycle.  I had fantastic results with that.  What would be your goal with going up to 10iu?  Whats your expectations from it?  Going that high of a dose, you'll want to either be taking insulin with it or buying a glucomiter(spl?) and measuring your blood sugar often to see when the insulin resistance starts happening.  HGH makes you more insulin resistant the higher you go, so you either become insulin resistant and start putting on bodyfat or take insulin so your body properly utilizes the carbs.  Do a lot of research if you go the route of insulin.  I can be very dangerous if you screw up dosing or timing.
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Swoll patrol I would stay at 6 ius just like will1 said u dont wanna play with insulin . Hey your not  marine military academy alumni r u ? 
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That is quite excessive I think. I would only stay with around 6 myself nothing higher than that.
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The highest I ran was 6iu of HGH daily and I'm safe with that but average 4iu daily, I think its a bit much at 10iu personally. Good luck!
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It can be hard on your sugar levels. Most people get great results with 4-6 iu. In case you still want to use 10iu check your glucose levels and you may need to use insulin.
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Seems a little excessive or even wasteful brother !
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